How to connect your phone to the car navigation system and watch videos in the car. amazon prime video will satisfy your kids!

People who are worried about how to pass the time while traveling by car.
I want to watch videos using my car navigation system, but DVDs are expensive and it’s a hassle to return them.
I’m worried about the amount of traffic on youtube.
I have an old car, but I wonder if I can connect my smartphone to the car navigation system to watch videos…?

This is the solution to these problems.
This article is for people whose car navigation systems do not have hdmi input or only have composite (red, white, yellow or RCA) connectors.
Contents of this article
If you want to connect your smartphone to your car navigation system to watch videos, the only option is Amazon Prime.
Necessary preparations for projecting videos from your phone to the car navigation system
The specific amount of money I saved by using Amazon Prime in my car.
If you have a recent car, it may have an hdmi input terminal, but I’m sure there are many people who don’t have such a terminal.
I am one of them.
With a little initial investment, you can watch a wide variety of video content on your car navigation system through your smartphone, even in such an old car.
Renting DVDs is expensive, and returning them is a hassle…
I’m a little concerned about the amount of traffic when watching youtube…
But then again, pocket wifi seems to be too expensive…
It may cost a little bit of money, but let’s find a good compromise and have a comfortable car navigation and smartphone life.
If you are an AMAPLAC member, you can also do this.

If you want to connect your smartphone to your car navigation system and watch videos, the only option is Amazon Prime.

If you are thinking of connecting your phone to your car navigation system to use a video streaming service, the only option is Amazon Prime.
Prime members can watch all the Prime videos they want.
It’s a bit tricky to say, but Amazon Prime allows you to slip through the HDCP system, which prevents unauthorized copying of videos.
I’ll explain later how to connect the car navigation system to the smartphone, but I can’t actually play netflix, hulu, etc. when I try to watch them using smartphone apps.
I can open the app itself, but even if I tap play, the video doesn’t start.
If you can afford it, there are plenty of ways to watch videos in the car, but
But you don’t want to pay a lot! So I’m willing to compromise to some extent.
There must be a lot of people who don’t want to spend a lot of money to watch videos in their car navigation system, so if this applies to you, keep reading.
If you are one of those people, please read on. The video streaming service you should choose is Amazon Prime (where you can also watch Blade of the Demise).
You can watch Crayon Shin-chan!

Necessary preparations for projecting videos from your smartphone onto a car navigation system

You will need three items to project your phone’s video on the car navigation system.
Required equipment
Smartphone (iphone, android, ipad, etc.)
Smartphone → hdmi conversion adapter
hdmi → analog conversion adapter
In order to connect your phone to the composite input jack, two steps of conversion are required. 1.
1. smartphone (iphone, android, ipad, etc.)
Naturally, it is necessary.
Install a video app (Prime Video in this case).
Since there is basically no wifi in the car, download the video you want to watch to your phone in advance.
Download the videos you want to watch beforehand.
I have an old smartphone that I used to use, can I use it?
If you have one, you can use it.
You can use your current phone or your old phone in the car as long as you use your home wifi to download the video.
In my case, I’m using my unused iphone 5s for the car.
2. smartphone → hdmi conversion adapter
As the first step, convert the video downloaded to your smartphone (iphone, android, ipad) to hdmi.
Type of connection terminal of the device
usb type-c
The type of terminal varies depending on the device you are using, so be careful when preparing the conversion adapter.
In the case of lighting

I still have an iPhone 7 with a lighting terminal, but it works fine.
For usb type-c
For microusb

There are so many similar products, I don’t know which one to choose…

There are so many similar products out there, I don’t know which one to choose.

I happened to get the right one, but there are some people who get the wrong one, Chinese products.
If you don’t want to lose money on a cheap product, it’s a good idea to invest in a genuine product. If you don’t want to lose money on a cheap product, you may want to choose a genuine product or a product from a reliable manufacturer.
If you don’t want to get a bad product on Amazon, you can read about how to check for fake reviews on Amazon (the first step to avoid shopping mistakes), if you’re interested.

The point is, how much money can you afford to spend?
3. hdmi to analog conversion adapter
The second step is to convert the converted hdmi to analog (red, white, and yellow, called composite, rca, etc.).

Again, I’ve had success with this method.
After using two conversion adapters, the video from my phone was finally converted to an analog signal.
Now I can finally connect to the red, white, and yellow car navigation input terminals.

Two adapters and cables, isn’t it going to be a mess in the car?

Yes, it will. It will.
It’s the price you pay for not spending too much money.
Use your ingenuity and ingenuity to get over it.
The above items are a must as an initial investment for displaying smartphone videos on your car navigation system.
Read the reviews carefully and get one to avoid disappointment.

The specific amount of money I saved by using Amazon Prime in my car.

As a result of switching my viewing method to Amazon Prime, I was able to save money related to watching videos in my car navigation system, which I recommend.
It would be about 38,000 yen per year.
If you rent DVDs
We used to rent about 10 DVDs every Sunday so that we would not be bored in the car (since we have small children).
We would go through the 10 DVDs we rented in a week.
Sometimes the kids would choose their own DVDs, so we would end up renting the same DVDs.
Assuming it was an old movie rental, 100 yen per movie x 10 movies = 1,000 yen.
That’s 4,000 yen a month, or 48,000 yen a year.
And the risk is…
I thought I was renting old movies, but I found two new ones mixed in!
I forgot to return the DVD!
Going to the store and returning the DVDs is a hassle to begin with!
These are just a few examples.
Forgetting to return a DVD is especially mentally painful. You need to be careful because you will become poor for forgetting to return it.
If you watch youtube endlessly
As you can imagine, you will die.
Your communication volume will be half of what it used to be, or you will have communication restrictions.
It’s not practical.
If you use a pocket wifi
You can use it for around 4,000 yen/month.
This is enough to watch youtube without much problem, but the monthly fee is too high.
Pocket wifi has a fixed contract period, so you have to continue using it for 2 or 3 years.
If you cancel the contract in the middle, there is a possibility of penalty.
If you have to put up with a TV
In our house…

Dad, TV is boring! Boring, boring, boring!

And that’s for sure.
How much money did I save by joining Amazon Prime?
If you become a Prime member, you can watch all the Prime videos you want.
As you can see in the banner above, there is also a 30-day free trial.
Amazon Prime Membership Price
Monthly payment → 408 yen / month
Annual payment → 4,900 yen/year
In addition to that, assuming you have the necessary adapters as an initial investment as I mentioned earlier, the annual cost is around 10,000 yen.
If you convert it to a month, you can enjoy Prime Video for about 840 yen.
After the second year, the initial investment is not required, so you can watch Prime Video on your car navigation system for only 408 yen per month.
In my case, let’s compare just the first year.
480 DVDs/year: 48,000 yen – 1 year of Prime Video (including initial investment): 10,000 yen = 38,000 yen savings
Pocket wifi / 48,000 yen per year – 1 year of Prime Video (including initial investment) 10,000 yen = 38,000 yen saved
TV / 0 yen per year – 1 year of Prime Video (including initial investment) 10,000 yen = 10,000 yen over
Compared to TV, it’s not as free, but compared to DVD rental and pocket wifi use, it’s calculated to save 38,000 yen per year by accident.
Again, if you’re on a budget, you don’t have to do all these little things.
If you can’t spend much money, be creative.
If you can save money by being creative, you can give it back to your children.
If you don’t want to spend money on watching videos on your car navigation system, Amazon Prime is the way to go.
The first step to saving 38,000 yen
is available from the banner above.

Benefits of becoming an amazon prime member

An amazon prime membership does indeed cost a monthly fee, but there is no such thing as a disadvantage.
Free shipping, free express delivery, etc., which makes everyday online shopping more convenient.
You can read books for free using your Kindle, such as prime reading.
Enjoy free music using prime music, …
There are so many benefits that I can’t even begin to explain them here.
If you don’t have time to read, you can read by ear.
If you are a Prime member, you can watch all the Prime videos you want, but if you combine your kindle with Prime Reading, you can “read by ear” in your spare time.
If you are interested, please visit [Don’t have time? If you’re interested in this, please check out “Reading by ear in your spare time by having your phone read out loud to you” (How to make the most of your time).
So much for my digression.
It’s true that compared to netflix, hulu, and youtube, the variety of content available on prime video is small. That’s for sure.
However, it’s unrivaled in terms of the overwhelmingly good price that makes up for it.
If you are in the same situation as me, please consider these methods.

[Fire TV Stick Initial Settings] Restarting the device will solve the problem of no sound or no display.

fire tvを挿す

When you connect your fire tv stick to a TV for the first time, you may find that the screen does not show up or the sound does not come out.
Here is a brief explanation of how I solved the problem of no screen and no sound.

If nothing appears on the TV, unplug it once.

If nothing appears after a while after connecting to the TV, try unplugging the power supply plug once.

fire tv stickを接続してもテレビに何も表示されない時は一度電源プラグを抜く

As you can see in the picture, there is a USB cable extending from the main body of the fire stick that plugs into the wall socket, so unplug it, wait about 10 seconds, and plug it back in.
Unplug it, wait for about 10 seconds, and plug it back in. If you see the “amazon” logo, you’ve succeeded.
I was happy that it worked, but then the TV went dark again.

If unplugging and plugging in the power supply doesn’t work, move the HDMI port slightly.

If the problem is not solved by unplugging the power plug, it may be a physical problem with the connection between the TV and the fire stick.
Unplug the fire stick from the TV and plug it back in.
Also, if you move the connection part up and down, left and right, back and forth, etc., just a little bit (just a little bit so as not to break it), it will connect properly and you will be able to see it on the TV.
Although the video output stumbled during the initial connection, I have been using it for about two years now and have not had any problems with it not working again.


If you connect the TV and fire tv stick itself directly to the TV, it is easy to break when people or objects bump into it, so you can use the extension cable that comes with it.

If there is no sound, reboot the fire stick.

If things are going well, you can hear the “beep” sound when you move the cursor on the menu screen.
In my case, however, I was so busy with the initial setup that I didn’t notice the lack of sound until I was actually watching a movie.
If you see the image but no sound, reboot the Firestick.
Use the remote control to go to [Home], [Settings], [Device], and then go to [Reboot] to reboot the fire stick itself.
You will be able to hear the sound after the reboot.

Selecting the dolby digital output didn’t produce sound after all.

There was no sound, and when I checked various sites, I found something about [dolby digital output].
I’m sure you can get sound by rebooting, but in case you can’t fix it by rebooting, here’s another way to fix it (I couldn’t fix it this way)
Go to Home→Settings→Display and Sound→Audio
Using the same remote control, go to [Home] -> [Settings] -> [Display & Sound] -> [Audio].


There is a “dolby digital out” option, so you can select that (although I didn’t).
You will get sound one way or the other.

Initial settings for the fire tv stick (just in case)

If you can see the image on the TV and hear the sound, you are probably done with the initial setup, but just in case, here is the explanation.

fire tv stickの初期設定(念のために)

There is a language selection, choose Japanese.

fire tv stickの初期設定(念のために)

When you get to the screen to connect to the network, select the wi-fi that you use at home.

fire tv stickの初期設定(念のために)

Enter the wi-fi password (it’s written on the back of the router or something)

fire tv stickの初期設定(念のために)

We’re connected.

fire tv stickの初期設定(念のために)

Set the functional restrictions and download the necessary applications.
You can change these settings later, and use functional restrictions as needed.

Can’t I control the volume with the remote control of the Fire Stick?

As it turns out, you can’t adjust the volume with the old fire tv stick (1st generation) remote.
There are products that can adjust the volume for first generation remotes, but they cost over 10,000 yen, so I don’t recommend them at all.
The newest fire tv stick is only about 5,000 yen and has a volume control function on the remote.
Adjusting the volume on the TV remote is a pain in the ass! I want to do it with the fire tv stick remote! If you want to use the fire stick remote control, you should buy a new model.


If you are confused about video apps, Amazon Prime Video is fine for now.

There are many video streaming services such as Netflix, hulu, and Amapla, but if you want to use the download function and watch them on your car navigation system, Amazon Prime is the way to go.
With Netflix and hulu, you can’t watch downloaded movies in the car due to the hdcp (copy protection).
However, if you use Amazon Prime Video, you can watch videos in the car without wi-fi.
The free trial period is set at 30 days, so if you want to stop using it, you can just cancel it.
This is the solution to the problem I had when I initially set up my fire tv stick.