[mac Big Sur]If you want to record sound from your PC, use BlackHole.

I tried to install Soundflower on my PC (OS: Big Sur) to record the sound coming out of my M1 model macbook, but
I tried to install Soundflower on my PC (OS: Big Sur) to record the sound coming out of my M1 model mac, but I got a message that “Soundflower.pkg” cannot be opened because the developer has not been confirmed.
After some research on Google, I found that
After some Googling, I found out that the solution is to go to [Settings] -> [Security & Privacy], allow downloads, and click [Open As].
I’m sure everyone (including me) has found a solution like this.

I’m not sure if you’ve tried to install Soundflower on your macbook.

If you can’t, you can’t, so install BlackHole instead of Soundflower.

Steps to install BlackHole as a replacement for Soundflower

First, proceed to the official website.

BlackHole official website
From the top, enter [email address], [first name], and [last name], then click [Subscribe for Free Mac Download].

If your email address is entered correctly, you will soon receive an email from BlackHole with a download link, so click on the download link.

Open the link in the email to open the BlackHole download page, and click on the “BlackHole 16ch v0.2.9” to start downloading.

Click on the downloaded pkg file to open the installation window, and follow the steps in the installer to install the software.
After the installation is complete, you will be asked if you want to put the installer in the trash, but you don’t need it anymore, so throw it away.

Where is it? To open the installed BlackHole

I tried to start up the installed BlackHole, but I couldn’t find it when I looked into [Applications].
The name of the application is “Audio MIDI Settings”.
If you want to open it from the Dock application, go to [Applications] -> [Launchpad] -> [Other] -> [Audio MIDI Settings].
If you want to open it from Finder, you can go to [Finder] -> [Applications] -> [Utilities] -> [Audio MIDI Settings].

How to set up BlackHole to record sound from your macbook

Now that it is installed, let’s configure it.

When you open Audio MIDI Settings, a window like the one above will open. Click the [+] mark in the lower left corner and select [Create Multiple Output Devices].

Check the “BlackHole 16ch” checkbox.

Right-click on the [Multiple Output Devices] you just created to open the window shown above, and click [Use this sound output device].
You can now close the Audio MIDI Settings window.

Set the microphone to BlackHole in QuickTime Player.

Right-click on QuickTime Player and open [New Audio Recording].

Click on the red record button to the right to select the microphone you want to use.

If you can’t record, please reboot after installation.

Try playing sound from your MacBook on Youtube, itunes, or anything else.
If the volume gauge of the QuickTime audio recording swings, you have succeeded.
If not, you may need to restart your computer.
Restarting the computer may help if the recording doesn’t work right after installing BlackHole or after changing Audio MIDI settings.
If the volume gauge is not moving, even if you can click the record button, no sound will be recorded.

When using BlackHole, you cannot use the function keys to adjust the volume.

When the microphone is set to [BlackHole 16ch], you will not be able to adjust the volume or mute the microphone using the function keys.

If you want to adjust the volume using the keyboard such as [F10], [F11], [F12], etc., such as when you want to check the recorded audio file, please go to [System Preferences] -> [Sound] and change it back to the built-in speaker of your macbook.

What to do if you hear a blurry sound when you play back a recorded audio file?

This is a little off topic, but for example, when using Google Translate on your computer, you can only select a female voice, but if you want to have it read out loud in a male voice, you can use Siri instead.
How to use Siri to read out a sentence in a male voice
You can also use BlackHole to save the voice as an audio file, which you can then use to create a narration for Youtube.
End of story
When you successfully record and play back the audio file, you may find that the sound is blurred, or as if it was recorded in a large room.
I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s not exactly howling.

If you feel the above indescribable discomfort when you play the resulting audio file, try changing the recording quality of the audio recording in QuickTime Player from [High] to [Highest].
I tried various things in the Audio MIDI settings under [Speaker Configuration], but no matter what I did, it didn’t improve, but just changing it to [Highest] usually did.

Summary of using BlackHole with Big Sur

I used BlackHole to record the sound of my PC with the result that I could not install Soundflower with Big Sur.
I had to reboot to get it to work (or was that just me?). But I was able to record without any problems.
I’m sure many people are in the process of switching to a macbook with M1 chip, so I hope this will be useful for those who have no choice but to switch to BlackHole.