How to use a Switch controller to control minecraft on mac. Setting public [Joystick Mapper].

I installed the mac version of minecraft, but… keyboard control is too difficult!
If you’re not used to playing computer games, it’s impossible to play the PC version of minecraft with a keyboard.
If you’ve installed minecraft on your mac without realizing it, you’re probably regretting it.
Don’t worry.
Use the Pro Controller (or Joy-Cons) for your Switch.

You can use a home console controller to control minecraft on your mac!
Please explain it in a video! If you want to learn how to do this, please go to

The following article will help you to record a video of playing with a pro-controller from a third person’s point of view, and watch a replay video.

Connecting the Switch controller to the mac via Bluetooth

First, let’s connect the controller to the mac via Bluetooth. It’s easy.
Setting up the controller
There is a small button at the top of the controller (near the charging port), press and hold it.
The way to do this will differ depending on the type of controller, so check it out as you go.
Bluetooth settings on the mac
Go to [System Preferences] > [Bluetooth] and click [Turn Bluetooth On].
If the controller is ready, the name of the controller connected via Bluetooth will appear in the [Device] field, and click on it.
If successful, [Connected] will be displayed.

Connected successfully! Okay, let’s get started with minecraft… but it doesn’t work…

That’s right. The world is not so easy.
You can’t control your mac with the controller just by connecting it via Bluetooth.
Let’s continue with the explanation.

Using mapping software to link controller buttons and keyboard [Joystick Mapper

The Bluetooth connection is successful, so it seems like it should work, but unfortunately it doesn’t.
In order to link the controller’s buttons to the keyboard, you will need something called mapping software.
In this case, we will use a software called “Joystick Mapper”.
Joystick Mapper

Unfortunately, there is a fee.
However, we can’t turn our backs on it to improve the usability.
Do you want to play minecraft comfortably with a controller on your mac?
Then buy it. Money is the answer.
In fact, as an amateur who played minecraft with a pro controller after using Joystick Mapper and mapping the settings as described below, I found that it was about 80% operability with the controller compared to 20% operability with the keyboard.
For more details on how to set up Joystick Mapper, please refer to “Joystick Mapper: How to Use a Mac with Joystick or Pro Controller”.
Anyway, it’s totally different. It’s a totally different experience.


How to use the Joystick Mapper to control a mac with a joystick or pro controller.

I’ve given it a lot of thought, and I’ll post the settings that I think are best at this point.
After connecting your mac to the controller via Bluetooth, use Joystick Mapper to configure the settings as shown in the table below.
Please do not change the control settings in minecraft.

In the above figure, after clicking [scan], press one button on the controller, and the button information (Hat, #0, Down, etc.) will be detected automatically.
Change the [keyboard key] part and the [Q] part as shown in the table below.
In this setting, buttons that are not used by the controller are not registered.
[(scan) / controller control / automatic / automatic / change as needed / change (minecraft movement) ] The view will be as shown above.
Left cross key
Press the right cross / Hat / #0 / Right / keyboard key / T (open chat)
Press the Up arrow key / Hat / #0 / Up / keyboard key / F5 (to switch viewpoints)
Lower cross key / Hat / #0 / Down / keyboard key / Q (drop/throw selected item)
Left stick
Left / Axis / #0 / – / keyboard key / A (move left)
Right / Axis / #0 / + / keyboard key / D (Right)
Up / Axis / #1 / – / keyboard key / W (Forward)
Down / Axis / #1 / + / keyboard key / S (Backward)
Right stick
Left / Axis / #2 / – / Mouse Motion / Left
Turn right / Axis / #2 / + / Mouse Motion / Right
Up / Axis / #3 / – / Mouse Motion / Up (Raises the viewpoint)
Down / Axis / #3 / + / Mouse Motion / Down (point of view down)
Right Button
Press B / Button / 0 / / Keyboard key / Shift (Left) (Sneak / Crouch / Descend)
Press A / Button / 1 / Keyboard key / Space (jump / press twice for flight mode / altitude increase)
Press Y / Button / 2 / Keyboard key / Escape (Close various screens / Return) *Special specification
Press X / Button / 3 / Keyboard key / E (open inventory)
Index finger LR
Press L / Button / 4 / / Mouse Wheel / Up (move the slider to the leftmost item) (move to the left item)
Press R / Button / 5 / Mouse Wheel / Down (move the slider to the leftmost position) (move to the right item)
Press ZL / Button / 6 / Mouse Button / 1 (Secondary click) (use item / place block)
Press ZR / Button / 7 / Mouse Button / 0 (Main click) (Attack / Destroy)

Differences between minecraft for nintendo switch and the controls

If you set it up in Joystick Mapper, 80% of the operations will be the same.
However, there will be some discomfort (about 20%).
The following is an explanation of the 20% of discomfort.
Cursor operations in the menu screen and item screen
You use the right stick to control the cursor in the menu screen and item screen.
The left stick is unresponsive.
Deciding and Returning in Menu and Item Screens
To make a decision, use [ZR (Main click)] instead of the [A] button.
To return to the play screen from the menu screen, or to close the item screen, press [Y (Escape)] instead of [B].

Once you get used to this, you will be able to play minecraft quite comfortably.
Now, use the Switch controller and have a fun minecraft life on your mac!