How to take hand-held videos|How to fix your phone at any angle and shoot from your eyes

This course explains how to film your hands from your own perspective while having both hands free, such as working on a desk, streaming sound games, cooking videos, etc.
You can shoot from above, hold your phone at any angle, or master eye-level shooting.
There is no trick to mastering it.
Just buy one. Money is the answer.

How to shoot without shaking with a tablet arm.

Trying to shoot with a phone in your hand will never work for eye-level shooting.
If you want to shoot good hand-held video, a tablet (monitor) arm is a must.


I bought the following product, and I recommend it because it doesn’t wobble at all.

I bought the following product, and I recommend it because it doesn’t wobble at all. The cheap ones with a squishy bendable arm have a weak grip, or the arm is too weak to withstand the weight of the phone.
I recommend you to buy an arm that is about the price of the product link above, as it can hold your phone firmly.
If you are considering buying an arm for handheld photography, you might want to buy one with a ring light.
If you are considering buying an arm for handheld photography, you might want to buy one with a ring light. .
I bought one with a ring light, which was mainly for the purpose of “watching my iPad while lying down! I’m just using it to take handheld photos of products whose main purpose is “I can look at my iPad while lying down!
If you’re going to shoot hand-held, it’s definitely better to have lighting than not, so I’d consider buying one with a solid arm and a ring light.
There is also a similar product, a tripod type stand, but if you are filming work on a table, the legs of the tripod will show up in the video if you are not careful, so you need to be careful when choosing one.

Actual video shot using the tablet arm

I tried writing with the tablet arm. The picture is taken from directly above.

Whether my handwriting is good or not, the video itself is well shot without blurring.
It is possible to film while looking directly at the paper and pen with your eyes.
As I mentioned earlier, the video seems a little dark, so an arm with a ring light would be better.
In this video, I gripped the arm on the side of the table and brought the phone to my eye level to hold it in place.
You can use the arm on the side or on top of the table as long as you can grip it.
If you want to shoot a wider area like a cooking video, you can fix the phone on a cupboard or something and shoot from above.

How to adjust the angle by moving the movable part of the tablet stand

The fixing method is quite simple.


Place the base of the tablet stand on the edge of the table, and turn the bottom screw to fix it in place.
The part of the stand that directly touches the table is covered with rubber, so it won’t scratch the table.


It is now fixed as shown in the photo above.
This tablet arm has four joints, so you can bend and rotate it to bring the head part to the position you want.
So, by setting the arm to the side, you can bring the camera right above you while dodging your hands.


I set up the tablet arm on the side and moved the phone right above the keyboard.


In this way, you can shoot videos using both hands from your own perspective.
Situations where using the arm stand is useful
Cooking videos
Drawing videos
Writing videos
Typing speed videos
Videos on Sound Games (Bandori, etc.)
Clay animation videos

A remote shutter to remotely control the shooting button is useful.

If you have adjusted your phone with the arm so that it is at your eye level, but when you tap the shoot button, it would be uncomfortable to have your phone out of alignment, so a remote shutter for your phone would be useful.
I bought this one.

You can usually buy them at 100-yen stores these days.
If you connect it to your phone via Bluetooth, you can tap the button on your phone remotely without having to tap it directly.

If you want to shoot with your hands, you’ll need an arm system that can hold your phone.

When I first wrote this article, I was recommending a tablet arm, but I think an arm with a ring light would be better if the main focus is on “photography”.
It’s not a tripod type, but a type that can be fixed to a table, etc.
If you are considering using an arm with a ring light for live online shopping or makeup videos, I recommend you to use it.